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Mobile blood test service


Our company performs all blood sampling operations at your home, your specific tests and all other medical sampling procedures in order to facilitate your life and your family’s.

Contact us via our online form and be sure you’ll find an attentive ear that will provide answers to your questions and work hard to meet your requests. If afterwards you wish to make an appointment, an agent reponsible for patient follow-ups will gladly assign you a date and a time suitable to your schedule. The blood and other sampling operations services are provided 7 days a week, in order to meet the expectations of our numerous clients.

Our home registered nursing service covers the entire Montreal Island, as well as Laval, the North Shore, Longueuil and the South Shore. We’ll be at your disposal wherever you need us...

In order to provide the very best medical services, we became associated to a well-known accredited private medical laboratory, while complying with the standards imposed by the Quebec Ministry of Health & Social Services and with those of the Quebec Public Health Laboratory. This medical laboratory provides and guarantees a quick turnaround time when analyzing your results and also the quality desired for the medical tests carried out. The trust that we have developed with our partner for several years now is crucial and enables us to guarantee accuracy to our clients in the tests that we perform.

Whether you need a complete blood count, blood sampling or any other sampling, or a medical examination, you can rest assured that we will treat your needs with the utmost responsibility.

We double check every stage : from our registered nurse’s leaving for your place until the reception of your results. In order to avoid unnecessary wait times, we have included in our written commitments a result notification time of 2 to 4 hours for urgent tests and of 24 hours for most blood tests. In this way you can be sure that you will not wait several days to be notified of the results by your treating physician.

The public health system is sometimes flawed, causing the patients to be left without personalized care. The company that operates the website is available and allot time to understand your needs. Therefore refer to our services in order to have blood taken at your place if your child is scared of hospitals, if you want your heart to be monitored while resting thanks to an electrocardiogram made by our team trained in the best Quebec education facilities... This is but a sample of the services that we provide. In order to find out more feel free to contact us via email through our online form above.

Our company will advise you with complete honesty about the fees that our home service entail. You will pay for the analysis performed in our partner laboratory or the nursing care provided by our team. Thanks to an invoice grouping all the care provided, you can simply submit that your insurer for faster refunds.


Did your physician give you a prescription for undergoing blood sampling and now you have to look for a suitable facility? Are you busy and do not have time to spend a whole afternoon in the waiting room of a private medical clinic or of a hospital? Our team comes to you wherever you wish in order to have blood taken or to undergo any other medical test.

Do you wish to contact us? To find out what you have to tell us before making an appointment? Our pricing? Fill out the form and let one of our agents call you back with more details.

Our representative will take pleasure in providing you with information by telephone for a first contact, in order to agree on an appointment as soon as possible. For this it is mandatory for you to have a medical prescription issued by your physician. In order to be refunded for our services, call your insurance company right away to see what medical tests carried out privately are covered.

If you’ve addressed these formalities you can schedule an appointment with a registered nurse that makes house calls using our client care department.


  • your surname, first name and middle name
  • the address where to meet you (floor, zip code etc.)
  • a telephone number in order to quickly reach you
  • your date of birth or your health insurance number